How Refacing Cabinets Can Transform Your Kitchen

If you have outdated kitchen cabinets and are tired of looking at them every day, it may be time to reframe them. The idea is quite simple. Instead of completely replacing your cabinets, you replace their face. Because most of the interior materials used in kitchen cabinets are still the same, refacing cabinets still look brand new even though much of the interior metal is replaced.

refacing cabinets

Refacing is one option that you can consider when looking for a quick and easy way to change your kitchen cabinetry’s design and style. If you are ready to have a whole new kitchen remodel, refacing cabinets is one way to go. If you are not ready to spend the money on a completely new kitchen, consider having new cabinetry installed. Cabinet resurfacing can help to give your kitchen a fresh and new look. No matter what route you choose, it is a great way to give your home a facelift in a short amount of time.

When it comes to a kitchen remodeling project, there is nothing that adds more expense and time than finding and installing new cabinetry. Instead of spending money on the materials and labor involved with installing new cabinets, why not use that money towards other kitchen remodeling projects? Refacing kitchen cabinets is one way you can save money and time without having to completely change your kitchen layout.

You might be thinking that refacing cabinets is only useful for people who don’t mind changing the layout of their kitchen. That’s not true. In fact, if you want to learn more about refacing cabinets but aren’t too sure about getting custom cabinets, here are some things you should know. After reading this article, you’ll be able to determine whether you need new custom cabinets or if refacing cabinets is a better option.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet doors, there are several different options when it comes to refacing cabinets. For starters, you can either choose to have the doors custom made, or you can buy replacement doors. If you want to get new custom cabinet doors, you can look into various companies that will reface the cabinets for you. These companies can create doors that match the existing frame design and help provide a contemporary look to your home.

When it comes to choosing the type of cabinet opening that you want on your refaced cabinets, there are a few things that you need to consider first. One of these items is the stile number. The style number is the number on the cabinet opening that indicates how many boards can be put in at one time. For example, if you have a door that has a four-shelf board spacing, you would place four Sheets on the frame of the cabinet. The style number on the cabinet opening will determine how many shelves you can put in at the same time without using too much space.

The next step to refinishing kitchen cabinets is sanding off the old paint. In most cases, it is not necessary to completely remove the old paint because it will not be an effect. The old paint does not need to be removed unless you want to fill in the holes with a wood stain. The next step is to measure your refaced kitchen cabinets so that you can determine how much time and material you will need to use for refacing. Also, measure the opening to ensure that you can get enough space to complete the task.

When it comes to replacing the doors and face frames, many homeowners choose to purchase whole unit conversions instead of just quarter piece conversions. Whole unit conversions simply consist of replacing one or more doors while leaving the frame of the door intact. These types of refacing cabinets look just like they are still new because they actually are made out of one entire piece. It may take you less time to finish replacing the cabinets than it would replace the entire cabinets since you do not have to remove the frames, just open them up and replace the doors.

March 14, 2021

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